EAS 302: Methods and Materials in East Asian Studies: Call Numbers for Asia

This is a course guide for the linked courses of EAS 302 (Methods and Materials in East Asian Studies) and LIBR 302 (Library Research Paper Tutorial).

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Asia

Asian Religions

  • BL1800-1975 China (BL1830-1882 Confucianism, BL1899-1942 Taoism)
  • BL2230-2240 Korea
  • BL2370.M7 Mongol Religion
  • BL2370.S5 Asian Shamanism
  • BL2200-2228 Japan (Bl2216-227.8 Shintoism)



  • BQ1100-3340 Canonical Literature
  • BQ4911-5720 Practice of Buddhism
  • BQ7001-9800 Modifications, Schools, etc. (BQ4730 Tibetian Buddhism/Lamaism, BQ8900 Tantric Buddhism, BQ9250 Zen)


Asian History

  • DS1-35.2 Asian History General
  • DS 327-329 Central Asia, General
  • DS700-799 China and Mongolia
  • DS781-784 Manchuria
  • DS785-786 Tibet
  • DS793.M6 Inner Mongolia
  • DS793.S62 Xinjiang/East Turkestan
  • DS798 Mongolia
  • DS800-899 Japan
  • DS900-939 Korea


Asian Folklore

  • GR265-349 Asian Folklore


Asian Literature

  • PL400-431 Mongolian Languages and Literatures
  • Pl 450-481 Tungus-Manchu Languages and Literatures
  • PL500-899 Japanese Language and Literature
  • PL900-999 Korean Language and Literature
  • PL1000-3208 Chinese Language and Literature
  • PL3301-3311 Non-Chinese Languages of China
  • PL3601-3775 Tibetan Language and Literature


Note:  Volumes on Asian Art can be found throughout the “N’s,” many volumes on Asian economics and sociology throughout the “H’s,” and volumes on Asian politics in the “J’s,” and so on.)   

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