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Course Reserves: FAQs

How to request, locate and access course reserves; usage guidelines and FAQs.

How does it work?

  • When an instructor submits a Course Reserves Request, a reserves list is created and added to the Canvas page.  The list can contain direct links to electronic items, and/or links to library catalog pages showing current location and availability of physical items.  This can happen even if the instructor is not otherwise using Canvas for the course.

  • If the instructor is teaching multiple sections of the same course, each section has a separate page in Canvas (unless cross-listed by the instructor), each of which will have a Course Reserves navigation tab added. 

  • For the rare course that doesn't have a listing in Classfinder (usually Extended Ed) ATUS can create one for the instructor, and reserves can be added to it once requested.

  • Students aren't able to see or access Canvas course pages until they are published (library staff can do that if requested) and the Course Reserves tab must be visible in the left hand navigation panel. 

What if it's not working?

  • Canvas course pages must be "published" and not in "draft state" to be visible to students. 

  • The Course Reserves tab must be active in the left-hand navigation panel to be visible to students.

  • Unless sections are cross-listed by the instructor, students can only access the course reserves list for the section in which they are enrolled.

  • Canvas course pages copied from previous quarters will contain expired course reserve lists and need to be updated by library staff. If multiple quarters weren't specified with the initial reserves form, a request to extend the list must be submitted.

  • Links to library material taken out of the reserves list and posted elsewhere may not work due to copyright restrictions. 

  • Electronic reserves items are usually routed through proxy servers; reserves users must be signed in with their WWU universal ID for access.

What if I don't use Canvas?

You don't need to be an active Canvas user to have your course reserves listed on Canvas. 

Library staff have limited admin access to Canvas course pages, and if requested, can "publish" the course so that students can access all reserve items. 

That's it! Just submit a Course Reserves Request and we will take care of the rest.

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