OneSearch: OneSearch in Your Class

Learn how to use the Western Libraries' catalog.

OneSearch in Your Class

Welcome, Faculty! Need to teach your students about OneSearch?

The OneSearch Management Team has created the following instructional tools for faculty and personnel on campus:

  • The Research Process Chapter: Have your students read the chapter about OneSearch. You can find the chapter, which is part of a textbook titled The Research Process: Strategies for Undergraduate Students, here.
  • OneSearch Activity: This activity ask students to perform a specific series of tasks within OneSearch prior to reflecting on how OneSearch is useful to undergraduates at Western Washington University Libraries (See below).
  • OneSearch Overview: This overview of OneSearch provides instructors with a refresher on functions and features within OneSearch (See below).
  • OneSearch Glossary: â€‹Familiarize yourself with a quick list of terms associated with OneSearch (See below).
  • OneSearch AskUs Entries: These question-and-answer entries are useful to consult when you are seeking information about a specific function within OneSearch. You can explore these entries here.

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