Ebooks at Western Library: eBook Quick Search

This guide is a very rudimentary description of how to read ebooks, and load them onto a book reader.

Quick Guide for Ebook Use at Western Library

Western Library has embraced ebooks, and now has many thousand in our collection.  While these vary in file type and publisher, the majority of our collection is from EBL (Ebook Library) and this guide will focus on those.

The first thing to know is that EBL books display in OneSeach with the “Online access” tag and can be examined and read by simply following the link that states "View It."  Once the view pane opens click on, “view full text.”


You will then be asked to identify which library you are from, and then asked to login with your Universal Login.

This will take you to the book online, and you'll have the option of reading, searching, copying and saving it without going any further, using the EBL ebook reader.  You can read the book on any computer device.  This includes PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Using the EBL reader you can search the full text, take notes, and go back into the book anytime you have Internet access.

Once your book is open for reading, you have the option to download the book for a check-out period of 1 day or 7 days. This is a good option if you think you'll want to read or study the book in areas without wifi (on the bus) or put it onto a book reader device such as a Nook or Kindle.


Downloading and/or transferring these books to a reader (Nook, Sony, IRiver), or checking the book out requires a computer with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed. Note: Kindles do not work with ADE, hence cannot be used to download EBL books. Kindle Fire and Apple Devices such as IPads or IPhones use the BlueFire app. 

Once ADE is installed, follow these steps:

  • Download the book of your choosing, rename and save to your desktop
  • Open ADE
  • Drag the book into ADE -- it will be immediately added to your library
  • Read at your leisure

If you want to transfer it to a device:

  • Plug your device into the computer using the USB cord that accompanies the device
  • The device will be recognized by ADE
  • Drag the book from your ADE library into your device
  • The book will now be available to read on your device.

Remember, many of these books check out for a specific amount of time (1 day or 7 days) and will disappear from your computer or device after that amount of time.



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