Local Market Audience Analyst (LMAA): Local Market Audience Analyst: Overview

How to Guide for Local Market Audience Analyst

What is Local Market Area Analyst?

Is Local Market Audience Analyst related to Lifestyle Market Analyst? Yes. LMAA is the online version of Lifestyle Market Analyst, but LMAA offers more. The lifestyle categories are more detailed than what was in the Lifestyle Market Analyst.

Does the Library still have Lifestyle Market Analyst? We have the 2008 edition which is the last edition printed. It will no longer be issued in print.

Is Local Market Audience Analyst similar to Mediamark Reporter? Consider LMAA a middle step between the Lifestyle Market Analyst and Mediamark. Mediamark focuses on media habits based onproduct usage or lifestyle. LMAA focuses on geography and lifestyle.  

Where does the data come from? The lifestyle information comes from Simmons (as in Simmons Choices 3), the demographic infromation and PRIZM segmentations come from Neilsen Claritas.

How do I use it? This guide will lay out some of the basics. It isn't nearly as scary are it looks.

Do we have access to the other sources on the intro pages of LMAA? No, we don't.

Local Market Area Analyst

Local Market Analyst is only compatable with Internet Explorer 9 but it can used in Chrome and Firefox by adding extensions to both browsers. Instructions on how to do that can be found here

Local Market Audience Analyst (LMAA) is a database that allows you to look at the general demographic and market/lifestyle charactersitics make-up of a Demographic Market Area (DMA) or county. LMAA is broken into for segments: Market Profile Reports, Lifestyle Analyst Reports, Demographic Reports, and PRIZM Reports.

Market Profile Reports
The Market Profile Reports provides the general demographic make-up of a DMA or county and what the lifestyle interests are of that county

  • Demographic Overview Report: These reports include the general demographic makeup of a country, including age, income, education, household size, etc.
  • Lifestyle Ranking Index Report: These reports provide a summary of lifestyle behavior of a DMA or county. "Lifestyle behaviors" include categories such as Sports & Leisure, Travel, Electronics & Computers, etc. It also includes psychographics.
  • Area Map: Maps of DMA and counties. (Source: LMAA Market Profile Help Page.)

Lifestyle Analyst Reports
The Lifestyle Analyst Reports allow you to look at the market characteristics of a specific lifestyle or psychographics.

  • Lifestyle Ranking Index: These reports will shows you the related bahaviors or interests of a specific lifestyle. (ie., What are the food & beverage interests of people who watch sports?)
  • Market Potential Reports: These reports lists the estimated number of people interested in a specific lifestyle by DMA.
  • Area Map: Map showing lifestyle interests across the US.

Demographic Reports
The Demographic Reports provide a comprehensive overview of every DMA in the United States.

  • Demographic Concentration Report: These reports list to each DMA's count, penetration and Index for key demographic variables, i.e., population by sex, female population by age, etc.
  • Demographic Concentration Map: A US map of the various demographic variables.

PRIZM Reports
The PRIZM Reports provide an overview of demographics and lifestyles based on segments of the population grouped together common characteristics. These segremnts or grops are called PRIZM Target groups. Definitions of the Target groups can be found here.

  • PRIZM Target Group Concentration Report: These reports list each DMA's count, penetration and Index for the PRIZM Target Group you
  • PRIZM Target Group Concentration Map: A US Map of PRIZM Target Groups
  • PRIZM Target Group Report: These reports show the lifestyle interests and psychographics of the PRIZM Target Groups.


Accessing LMAA

There a few hoops to jump through to get to LMAA.

  1. Start at the Western Libraries Homepage
  2. Click on "L" under Find Article Databases by Name
  3. Select Local Market Area Analyst under "L." Remember, LMAA only works in Internet Explorer and will not work on a Mac.
  4. Select "Local Market Audience Analyst" under Other SRDS Services. 

 If you are accessing LMAA by using the Firefox add-on of Chrome tab, you would click the respective tabs after you get to the site picutred above.