MBA 528: Diversity in Organizations: Business and Cultural Comunication Resources

Search Terms

These are not the only search terms to use, these are suggested phrases to start with. Use the tools available in the databses to help you narrow and filter your search. 

Example: Doing business in China

Example Search Terms:

  • Doing business [and] China
  • Business communication [and] China
  • Interpersonal relations [and] China
  • Corporate culture [and] China
  • China -- Social Life & Customs
  • Communication & Culture [and] China
  • Organizational behavior [and] China

These may seem similar, they will all return slightly different results. These terms can be used in the databases listed below and the library catalog. Remember, each database may use different search phrases and terms because they focus on different topics.

Business Communication

Country and Business Culture

Keyword Catalog Search

We have numerous books relating to doing business in different countries and intercultural communiction. Some of these searches will find the same items, but each search is slightly different.

Some search tips:

  • Keyword search: "doing business in [country name]" (without quotes). This will search the entire catalog record for these words and will find variations on this title.
  • Keyword search: "cross-cultural communications" (without quotes). This will find some general books and resources on intercultural communications.
  • Keyword search: "intercultural communications [country name]" (without quotes). This will find some books and resources on intercultural communications and your country. 
  • Keyword search: "business communication [country name]" (without quotes). This will find some books and resources on business communications and your country.