MKTG 381/382: Secondary Marketing Research

Resources for MKTG 381 and Mktg 382, Fall 2017

Research on Credit Unions and Banks

For this assignment you will need to research both credit unions and banks. Credit unions are not-for-profit and often private institutions, they are often focused on local consumers only. Banks can be local and can be private, but when doing research for industry trends and competitors, don't forget the larger, publicly-traded bank are also competitors. 

Using a combination of sources below, you can find some strong secondary sources for some background into the industry, competitors, and consumers related to credit unions, banks, and related financial industries. 

NAICS and SIC Classifications

Use NAICs and SIC codes to search for industry statistics and competitor info. These codes are often listed in other reports and search (like IBISworld and Bsuiness Source Complete). Databases like Mergent Intellect allow you to search for codes within their own databases. 

Why are they useful? They can narrow searches. They can also allow you to search for info on companies that you know are only in a specific industry. 

Current Trends

Local Business and Local Market


Consumer Behavior

Technology Use