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An introductory guide to WWU library resources available to students pursuing a degree jointly through the North Cascades Institute and Huxley College.


Western Libraries has over a million books and even more journal and magazine articles.  This guide will introduce you to some good starting points.  Feel free to go to the Libraries home page and check out all the other resources as well.

When you have a question, contact a research librarian (by phone, by chat, by email, or even in person).  We are here to help!

Whatcom Library One Card


The One Card initiative was begun by Whatcom Libraries Collaborate, a group of library administrators dedicated to expanding library access for better stewardship of resources and greater community impact.

Thanks to a collaborative effort among area libraries, the One Card program allows anyone who lives or goes to school in Whatcom County to check out materials from any public or academic library in the county, and to return them to any library or book drop in the county.

Click here for more information.


OneSearch is the Western Libraries catalog.  It lists all the books, films, journals, etc. as well as many journal articles, government publications, and websites. It includes the holdings of all 39 Summit Libraries (colleges in Washington and Oregon) or you can limit it just to WWU.  



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