Libraries' Strategic Planning Committee: Overview

This page is intended to be for organizational and informational purposes relating to the strategic planning process.

Committee Charge

To oversee a strategic planning process that is inclusive, collaborative, data-driven, transparent, forward and outward directed, action oriented resulting in a three-year Western Libraries plan appropriately aligned with the University’s strategic initiatives.

Specifically, to:

  • Determine a timeline for the process
  • Facilitate the process, assuring that all library faculty and staff, as well as University students, faculty and staff have a say in the content of the plan. In particular:
    • Conduct an environmental scan of those factors, internal and external, that will affect the Libraries in the shorter and longer term. Environmental scan should include:
      • Library trends and futures
      • Trends in higher education
      • An examination of various assessments, reports, and other internal library documents
      • A summary of the findings in both a report and a new SCOT analysis as well as a library-wide discussion of key articles concerning future library trends should be included as part of this process
    • The determination of not more than seven overarching goals appropriate for a three year planning cycle, in alignment with University strategic plan and other campus and state initiatives
      • Should bring together various campus plans (capital planning process, comprehensive fundraising campaign, Provost’s initiatives, 6 year budget planning, etc.
    • The determination of various strategies by which each of these goal may be achieved
    • The determination of measurable outcomes by which the accomplishment of said goals may be verified
  • Transcribe a draft of the plan resulting from this process, to be presented to the library faculty and staff for comment and the Dean of Libraries for final approval (deliverable)
  • Coordinate the marketing and communication of the plan
  • Develop a strategy for assessing the plan, reporting progress both to the library faculty and staff but also the University community, and coordinating revision of the plan as necessary
Membership: Six members, three faculty and three staff, representing a cross section of the organization. Appointment for one year.

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Frank Haulgren (Co-Chair)
  • Peter Smith (Co-Chair)
  • Julie Fitzgerald
  • Rick Osen
  • Roberta Kjesrud
  • Wayne Richter
  • Gabe Gossett