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Libraries Undergraduate Research Award: Home

This award will be granted to students who have demonstrated outstanding library research by writing a course related research paper.

Undergraduate Research Award

The Research Award is an annual award given to Western Washington University undergraduates who demonstrate outstanding library research in the writing of papers for courses taught across the colleges.

It recognizes excellence in undergraduate research papers based on:

  • Significant inquiry using library resources and collections.
  • Learning about the research discovery and information synthesizing process.


                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jeanne Armstrong, Margaret Fast

2015 Winners

2015 Award Winners

Andrew Hoffman (Chemistry), "Computational Chemistry in Rational Material Design for Organic Photovoltaics."

Corena Sharp (Fairhaven), "Responding to Sex Workers’ Rights as Workers’ Rights: Reducing Sex Trafficking in the Dominican Republic."

 Ashley Weyers (Sociology), "Taking Back Birth: Alternative Birth Professionals Empowering Women in Childbirth."

2015 Award Review Committee: Jeanne Armstrong (Libraries), Margaret Fast (Libraries) Javier Berzal de Dias (Art), Jeff Purdue (Libraries), and Amanda Eurich (History)


2014 Winners

2014 Award Winners

Kristine Farwell (Economics), “The Impact of the Recent Global Financial Crisis on Microfinance Sustainability.”

Audrey Marsh (Biology), “Evolution of the Y-Chromosome in Primates.”

Celina Muñoz (History), “The Plague, the Poor, and the Problem of Medicine.”

2014 Honorable Mention

Jenna Wilson (American Cultural Studies), “Race Representations in Children’s Picture Books and Its Impact on the Development of Racial Identity and Attitudes.”

2014 Award Review Committee: Jeanne Armstrong (Libraries), Margaret Fast (Libraries), Carol Janson (Art), James Inverarity (Sociology), Tilmann Glimm (Math).