University Reporter: University Reporter

University Reporter (formerly Mediamark)

University Reporter is a database that reports on American consumer purchasing habits, viewing habits, demographics, and psychographics. Their information is based on in-person and mail-in surveys of more than 26,000 households. University Reporter is available only to those affiliated with Western Washington University.

You will need to login to University Reporter using your Western email. Prior to doing this, you will need to set up an account.

  • Each account will expire after six months and you will need to create a new account. 
  • Your University Reporter account is separate from your Universal Login used to log in to databases from off campus. 

Account Information and Accessing University Reporter

Setting up an Account and Accessing University Reporter

  1. You will need a registration code in order to set up an account. If you are using this resource for an assignment, ask your instructor for the the code. If your instructor doesn't have a code, please contact Elizabeth Stephan ( or Michelle Weston ( for the code. If you are not affiliated with WWU, we cannot give you a registration code. 
  2. Go to University Reporter and click on the register link. Create you account using hte code and your Western email address. Registration page for University Reporter
  3. Once you register, you should be taken directly into University Reporter, if not, use your email to login. After this you will use your email yo login in to University Reporter. 
  4. Your account will expire roughly every six months and you will need to re-register. The registration code is good for one calendar year and will expire on December 31. Please contact your instructor or Western Libraries for the new code.