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Research and Writing in TBD: Get Started

Repository for STEM research and writing pieces

Research & Writing Process

  1. Know the process and make a plan for it.
  2. Use the strategy: Problem statements / Lines of Inquiry = Δ Problem.
  3. Search for stuff in 4 Places.
  4. Get access to stuff.
  5. Review deliverables.
  6. Collect your research citations.
  7. Write your literature review or presentation.

Step 1: Know and Plan the Process

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Step 2: Question Your Problem

Problem statements / Lines of Inquiry = Δ Problem.

Use the guiding principles in the 5-minute video where to make your Lines of Inquiry:

→ Multidimensional and complex

→ Narrow in focus

→ Specific in language

Then, use your questions and their potential as additional words and phrases when you search.