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MKTG 489: Marketing Management and Strategy: University Reporter: Account and How-to Videos

Suggested resources for MKTG 489

Simmons Catalyst [MRI]

MRI Simmons Videos

The Simmons interface has changed to Simmons 2.0. The video demonstrates Simmons 1.0. Some differences:

  • To create a Crosstab, click "Crosstab" under Analyze. This creates a space where you can build multiple Crosstabs. Be sure to name your file before closing.
  • Click on Composer to build the Crosstab. Reading the results will be the same. 
  • You can create multiple Crosstabs under one name, similar to creating multiple spreasheets in an Excel file. If you are looking for the media habits of adults who buy Nikes, you can create one crosstab, name it Nike media Habits, and use it to compose multiple crosstabs looking at different aspects of Nike customers.

The video above is in three parts