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MKTG 380: Principles of Marketing (Stone): Marketing & Consumer Behavior

Resource for Ann Stone's MKTG 380 course.

Marketing: Articles & Reports

Marketing: Consumer Behavior

Marketing Research: Articles & Reports

IBISWorld covers more than 700 industries. Wach report covers multiple aspects of an inudstry, but sections most helpful for marketing would be  market segmentation and market characterization.

Reports cover several basic categories:

  • Key statistics
  • Market segmentation
  • Market characterization
  • Industry conditions
  • Key factors
  • Key competitors
  • Industry performance
  • Outlook

Business Source Complete
Use BSC to find articles from trade journals relating to the marketing strategy of a company or a specific brand. If you were looking for marketing information about Barbie, search for marketing information about both Barbie the brand and Mattel the company:

  • Mattel and marketing
  • Mattel and Barbie and marketing
  • Mattel and distribution
  • Mattel and target market

Corporate Affiliations
Corporate Affiliations willl give you some basic information about a company: if it is a subsidiary or parent company, location, current financeial information, etc. But it also allows you to search by prodcut or band.

To search by product or brand:

  • Go to Advanced Search
  • Select Product/brand from the drop-down box
  • Enter the name of the product or brand


Helpful Resources:

Consumer Behavior


Reports in MediaMark provide the reading, watching, and listening habits of your target market. Mediamark can be used to tell you the habits of your core consumer as well as who is buying your product. In order to use Mediamark you must set up an account using your email. See the Mediamark page for more info.

Pew Internet & American Life Project
Pew publishes in-depth reports on the American use of technology--internet, mobile phones, gaming, etc. Their reports are all searchable and all free of charge.

PsychInfo is a psychology database, but you can find articles relating to consumer and organizational behavior. Includes abstracts of psychology and psychology-related articles and studies.

Consumer Expenditure Survey
Created by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the Comsiner Expenditure Survey provides information on the buying habits of American consumers--including expenditures and income.

American FactFinder (US Census)
Search for information about an area as specific as a zip code, however, some of it hasn't been updated since the 2000 Census. The American Community Survey, part of the American FactFinder, provides more current information on cities with populations higher than 20,000.


Helpful Resources: