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Topics: Sex Trafficking (WGSS 320 - Thibou): A Research and Writing Guide: Finding & using sources workshop


Welcome to the online, self-paced, version of the Finding & Using Sources workshop. Since you will be working on this at your own pace it is important for you to set aside the appropriate amount of time for each portion of the workshop to complete the activities outlined. The amount of time can vary from person to person, but the most important thing is to try and make sure you have the time to meaningfully engage in the inquiry process. The research, writing, and reading processes are social in nature, so make sure to take advantage of feedback from others in your group, class, and the Research & Writing Studio. You can discuss ideas and ask questions using the green "Ask Us" chat box below when the Studio is open.

Getting started

Click here or on the image below to launch the video workshop

Topics covered:

  • Overview of where the workshop is going
  • Importance of an inquiry question
  • Characteristics of a good inquiry question

Activity: Draft an inquiry question! Share it with someone else you know or chat with the Research & Writing Studio Staff using the "Ask Us" link below.

Subquestions, rhetorical moves, source types

Click here or on the image below to launch presentation on subquestions, rhetorical moves, and source types

Topics and activities covered:

  • Developing researchable subquestions
  • Review of rhetorical moves
  • Discussing source types needed


  • Develop subquestions related to your inquiry question
  • Make notes about the types of sources you will need to address the subquestions, including rhetorical moves and source types

Approaches to database searching

Research databases presentation


Using sources to find additional sources (cited search in Google Scholar focused)

Note: this presentation is borrowed from a Nursing video, but the concepts are the same

Evaluating and reading sources

Reading and evaluating sources presentation link

Note: this presentation uses an example from Nursing, but the same concepts apply

Your feedback is appreciated!

Your feedback on what worked and what could be improved will help with future workshops and is taken very seriously. Please take a minute to let us know your thoughts!