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IBUS 370: Introduction to International Business: Political & Economic Systems

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Country Reports: Business Source Complete

Country reports available in Business Source Complete. (Not all reports are available for all countries)

  • Country Profile: (Marketline) Includes overview of political, economics, technological, and legal landscape
  • Country Review: (CountryWatch) Each Country Review covers geographical, political, economic, corporate, and environmental information; includes a segment on investment climate.
  • Country Monitor: (IHS Global Insight) Country reports, including econmic risk, forcast and growth. 
  • Country Inteligence: (IHS Global Insight): Includes economic growth, consumer demands, monetary policy, external trade partners, and more. 
  • Business Monitor International publications: the "Monitor" publications: Asia Monitor, Latin America Monitor, Emerging Markets Monitor, etc.)
  • Background Notes: (US State Dept publications)
  • Some OECD: publications from Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 
  • Political Risk Yearbook
How to find Country Reports in Business Source Complete

Emerging Market Information

Political & Economic Information

These resources can be used for political and economic information as well as general country information.  Remember, you need to relate this to your firm and to foreign investment.

Statistics & Financial Information

Use the sources below to gather statistics and background on your country and region. Fill in the information and get some context for your industry by using the articles and country reports from Business Source Complete and newspaper articles from ProQuest Newspapers.

Regional News & Current Events