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MGMT 202: Perspectives on Business: Business Sources

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General Business & Economics Research

Business research can be frustrating. Sometimes you will need to use three sources to answer one question. The sources below are a starting point for business research. This guide is similar to the Business Research Guide. Use these guides as a place to start when doing any sort of business research.

Before you get started, some general research tips:

  • Use keywords, not phrases. Databases work best when you use keywords, not whole sentences. This works for Google, but not databases. Look at your topic and pull out the key points and phrases.
  • Start broad. If you start with a search that is too focused, you may not find anything. Look at your search keywords and find the most general concepts. The more keywords you add, the more focused your search is. It's the opposite of Google.
  • Try alternate words and concepts. You would be amazed at how changing one word will change your entire search.
  • Use the databases to help you narrow your search. Most databases provide tools that will help you narrow or focus a general search.