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MKTG 380: Locating Washington Manufacturers: Home

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Searching for Local Manufacturers

When searching for local companies, using a combination of the resources below and Google to find both contact information about your company and what type of products they manufacture. 

The Washington Manufacturer's Directory is a print reference book that organizes companies in several different ways including industry and geography. For this assignment, use the geographical section to locate manufacurer info on a company in a specific town (i.e., Seattle, Everett, and Bellingham). 

Because it is a directory, basic contact info is often the only thing you will find. The other sources below may be useful to find more detailed info, including products and executive information. 

The Directory of Washington Corporations done by the Washington Secretary of State may be another source to locate a Washngton manufacture. 

Mergent and Corporate Affiiations are best used to search for a known company. Once you have located the company name, use these two sources to find product information and more detailed info about employees and possibly direct contact information.* 

Note: Not all companies are listed in Mergent and Corporate Affiliations. if you company is listed, Google may be your best option. 

*In come cases, direct contact info (phone/email) for an executive is not listed in refernece sources due to security concerns. If it isn't listed, use a general contact and go from there. 

Washington Manufacturing Directories