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These are links to resources that are not strictly repositories, but include aspects of scholarly communication. Many include aspects of social media.

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Repository Statement

The Western Research Repository is a proposed digital center to preserve and disseminate the research and scholarship of the Western community.  This repository would make Western's scholarly output globally accessible from a single online location.

Opportunities and Objectives

  • Demonstrate our value as a public institution to the community, region and state.
  • Assist faculty with tenure and promotion by providing access to their scholarship and research.
  • Satisfy government mandates to make federally funded research available to the public.
  • Foster visibility of Western’s research and scholarship nationally and internationally.
  • Facilitate scholarly communication, exchange of knowledge and faculty student collaboration.

Repository Content Possibilities

  • Previously published articles
  • Unpublished materials such as conference presentations
  • Data sets
  • Western journals
  • Teaching portfolios
  • Music
  • Images
  • University publications

Online Articles

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Jeanne Armstrong
(360) 650-7667

Margaret Fast
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Robert Lopresti
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Peter Smith
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