MKTG 382: Buying Behavior and Analysis: Secondary Marketing Research

Research resources for MKTG 382, Winter 2019

Legal Aid

For this assignment you will need to research the non-profit marketing/fundraising, specifically legal aid. Your assignment focuses on a local non-profit organization that provides free legal services to low-income individuals and families. 

Where to Start
Use a combination of Business Source Complete and industry associations to get a better understanding of issues relating to legal aid, especially issues related to donor relations, fund raising, and even the marketing of their services. This can help you better understand the issues faced by the legal aid community as well as other factors that can impact the need for legal aid, especially socio-economic issues can affect the need as well as the ability for people to donate to non-profits. 

IBISWorld has reports related to commercial legal firms but not legal aid. Use IBISWorld to look up larger non-profits to find information related to industries that focus on public service such as disaster response. These types of industries often rely on non-profit organizations. 

Larger Non-Profits
Use Business Source Complete to find information on larger non-profit organizations like United Way, Habitat for Humanity, etc. When looking for industry info. This can be useful to find find information on challenges faced by organizations that rely on donations. 

Professional Associations
Linked below are two professional associations related to legal aid (there may be more). Professional associations and organizations like these will often information on the industry and will often have reports, webinars, and other resources that can be very informative. 

Who Uses Legal Aid and Why?
Using non-business databases like Sociology Abstracts  and Ethnic Newswatch (alternative press) to search for articles on legal aid will give you a different perspective on legal aid, looking at it more from a societal lens than a business lens. 

Using Business Source Complete and IBISWorld

Business Source Complete Video Tutorial

Industry Research Tutorial Video

Current Trends and Background


Legal Aid Associations

Local Business and Local Market

Consumer Behavior

Technology Use

Using Business Source Complete and IBISWorld