MKTG 382: Buying Behavior and Analysis: Secondary Marketing Research

Research resources for MKTG 382, Spring2019


For this assignment, you will be working with the local restaurant, Big Love Juice. This will mean researching the food and restaurant industry. The restaurant industry is divided into two main categories: Full service restaurants (table-side service) and Limited service (counter service, e.g. delis, fast casual, take out, etc.). The NAICS classifications and codes will help you identify and research our competitors and industry. 

Big Love Juice is a limited-service restaurant. When looking for comparable or similar restaurants (often done in industry research), you would would use this classification. When looking at competitors, you should look at both limited- and full-service restaurants as they are all competitors, but they may have different consumers.  

When searching for articles in Business Source Complete related to Big Love Juice--or similar restaurants--you can use terms like "full service restaurant" or "limited-term restaurant," but using the keyword "restaurant" will be just as useful. You will want to focus on the type of food or even the mission of Big Love Juice. Use terms like Organic or Natural Foods. Searching for terms relating to specialty diets: veganvegetarianplant-basedgluten free can also be useful. Watch the video to the left for advanced searching tips.  

In IBISWorld, look for reports related to fast food or fast casual and coffee shops. While they aren't exactly the same, there will be some similar issues facing local, specialized business like Big Love Juice and franchised fast food/fast casual restaurants as well as coffee shops. 

Using Business Source Complete and IBISWorld

Business source complete video tutorial

Business Source Complete Video Tutorial

Industry research tutorial video

Industry Research Tutorial Video

Current Trends and Background

Local Business and Local Market

Consumer Behavior

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Using Business Source Complete and IBISWorld