MKTG 382: Buying Behavior and Analysis: Secondary Marketing Research

Research resources for MKTG 382, Winter 2018

Mountain Biking

For this assignment you will need to research the biking industry, specifically mountain biking. Your assignment focuses on local manufacturer of bike wheels and rims sold directly to their customers; however, in order to better understand the industry they operate in, you will need to do research on the larger industry of bicycle manufacturing. 

Use the sources below to find secondary sources related to the multiple industries, current trends, and consumer behavior related to the these products. 

Where to Start

Industry Research: Because you are looking for information in a niche market in a broader industry, start with the industry research. Use IBISWorld to find resources related to the  This can and will help find better search terms and terminology. It will also help you understand operating conditions and outside influences for a smaller, more specialized company. 

Be aware that different resources may use different definitions for similar or related industries. Industries and resources addressing  the Bicycle industry and the Motorcycle, Bicycle and Parts Manufacturing Industry and the Bicycle Industry are related, but not equal. The former will have a larger focus on motorized bikes while the later will include more on mountain biking. Both will relate to bike parts.

Use Business Source Complete to find more specialized information related to bikes, manufacturing, consumer behavior, and company information. Use search terms like Mountain Bike, Mountain Bike and Market, Mountain Bike and Equipment, etc. Because mountain biking is a leisure activity and an activity that people often have to travel to engage in, it may be useful to search for items related to Sports Tourism

Using Business Source Complete and IBISWorld

Business Source Complete Video Tutorial

IBISWorld Tutorial Video

Current Trends and Background

Local Business and Local Market


Consumer Behavior

Technology Use

Using Business Source Complete and IBISWorld