MKTG 382: Buying Behavior and Analysis: Secondary Marketing Research

Research resources for MKTG 382, Spring2019

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For this assignment, you will be selecting your a product for your Behavioral Analysis. Use the sources below to do the research for your assignment, but also use them to do some exploration of different products before you settle on one. 

Use Business Source Complete to find articles related to your company, your competitors, and industry. Business Source Complete is our main business database and can be used to find articles, company reports, industry reports, and more. The videos to the left go over some basic and advanced search tips in Business Source Complete.* For this class, search for your company or band and then add search terms like, "Consumer Behavior" or "Marketing strategy" to find more specific articles. 

IBISWorld** is our industry database and features industry reports as well as articles, videos, and blog posts on industry trends. Each report is broken down into several sections giving you an industry overview, projections, competitors, and market share. You can also find links to reports related to your industry. While IBISworld covers more than 700 industries, some newer or emerging industries may not be covered. You may need to search for related industries (e.g., When looking for reports on Spotify, you may also need to look for reports on terrestrial radio as that is a competitor). 


*These videos use Whole Foods as an example. Whole Foods is now owned by Amazon, so the same type of search may not work the same now. 

**IBISworld recently changed their interface. IBISWorld looks different, but the content and search functions are the same. In the current version of IBISworld, the tables, graphs, etc. are interactive. 

Current Trends and Background

Technology Use

Consumer Behavior

Local Business and Local Market