MKTG 382: Consumer Behavior: In Depth Research Report: Secondary Marketing Research

Research resources for MKTG 382: Summer 2021

Trending Topics and Consumer Psychology

For your MKTG 382 class you need to explore either a Trending Topic Area or a Consumer Psychology Area. Use resources like the Wall Street Journal, the NY Times, or other news sources through US Newstream for current trends in business or consumer behavior. These are all sources you can access online through Western Libraries.  

Use Business Source Complete to find articles about consumer psychology, nostalgia advertising, localism, online retail trends, etc. PsycInfo and PsycArticles will have articles related to behavior and choices people make and is also a good source for articles related to what makes people tick. This short video below, shows how to search Business Source Complete, PsycInfo, and PsychArticles at the same time using the search "consumer psychology AND nostalgia." 


Current Trends and Background

Technology Use

Consumer Behavior