MKTG 382: Consumer Behavior: In Depth Research Report: Secondary Marketing Research

Research resources for MKTG 382:

Non-Profit Research

For this assignment you will need to research non-profit marketing/fundraising, specifically related to educational support services, like Futures NW

Where to Start

Use a combination of Business Source Complete to get a better understanding of issues related to non-profits, including issues related to donor relations and why people donate. Use ERIC (an educational database) and PyscInfo (a psychology database) to find information related to challenges facing first-generation students and applying and succeeding in higher education, including issues related to attitudes, socio-economic, and systemic issues. Keep in mind, when searching for anything related to human behavior, PsycInfo will often have articles that will go in-depth into human behavior and what drives it--so consider it when searching for info on donor and consumer behavior. 

IBISWorld has industry reports related to educational services, like Educational Support in the US and Educational Consultants. IBISWorld also has industry reports related to non-profit organizations. Neither of these industries fit exactly what you are looking for, but they can be considered "industry-adjacent." They can provide information that can be applied to a non-profit like Futures NW. Also search for reports related to higher education, like Colleges & Universities. There will be information in the report that can be related back to challenges faced by incoming students and their families. 

First-Year and First-Generation Students

Use the resources below to find more information about first-year students:

Current Trends and Background

Technology Use

Consumer Behavior