Cold War History: Resources: Audio-Visual Recordings

A brief guide to local resources on the Cold War, with emphasis on primary source collections available through Western Libraries' Heritage Resources programs.

KVOS Channel 12 Films

These films are selected from the larger collection of KVOS Channel 12 Films housed at WWU's Center for Pacific Northwest Studies. A small number of these are available online, and others available to access at CPNWS.

Please contact the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies for more information.

1962 Border Peace Arch Ceremony

KVOS Special: Air-date October 3, 1962.

This episode is devoted to a ceremony held at the Peace Arch on September 22, 1962, celebrating the civil defense cooperation agreement recently signed between Washington State and British Columbia. Specifically aimed at enhancing cross-border coordination in the event of a nuclear attack, a key provision of the treaty calls for a Vancouver evacuation route to run through Whatcom County: up H Street in Blaine, and on to Sumas. Footage shows Canadian and American politicians hammering nails to erect a dispersal route sign at the border. Footage includes short speeches made by several officials praising international cooperation, both the interior and exterior of the Washington State Civil Defense Mobile Command Post bus, Canadian and American troops marching back and forth under the Peace Arch while a marching band plays, and food being prepared for and eaten by the troops. Amongst several people interviewed are British Columbia Provincial Secretary W.D. Bligh and Washington State Lieutenant Governor John Sherbert.

The Road to Redress

KVOS Special, air-date April 22, 1965.

Initial footage documents a Bellingham peace protest march against the Vietnam War. Protesters carry signs and placards against the war, featuring slogans such as "Negotiation Not Napalm." More attention is devoted on this reel to the much smaller group of counter-protesters, who favor the war; one spokesperson is interviewed for several minutes. Their slogans include "draft the pacifists." Some of the anti-war demonstration takes place in front of the Hotel Leopold. The second half of the reel is taken up by an unidentified man giving a speech about the Vietnam War; the audio is poor.

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