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Three-Minute Thesis: Speaking

Prepare your Scholars Week presentation


Practicing your presentation will help with pacing, timing, and easing your nerves. 

While you practice, notice what you do with your body, too:

  • Are you using your hands to help tell your story?
  • Are you staying in one place or moving around? 


Think through these ahead of time:

  • What clothes will you wear to feel confident?
  • What footwear will be comfortable and quiet?
  • Will you bring notes or speak from memory?
  • Where will you look? At a friendly face in the audience or to the back of the room?


Projection and Pauses

Just as you have done with attention to detail in your slide and writing, be intentional with how you speak.

Breathe into your belly. Pause to breathe when you need to. This will help your volume and pacing.

Enunciate your words. Build in pauses. Your clarity and pace will help your audience listen and think.