Dissertations & Theses: Published at WWU

This guide will help you locate dissertations and theses from Western Washington University and beyond.

In Western Libraries

Since 1948 Western Libraries has kept a large number of Masters theses, Honors and Senior Project theses, and Huxley Senior Project and Internship reports published at Western Washington University.

Circulating copies of these papers are located on Wilson 4 East and West, and in the Music Library (music topics). Each series has the same beginning call number. The papers are then organized alphabetically by author within each series.

Call numbers and locations:

  • Masters theses - LD5778.9 Wilson 4 East Oversize
  • Honors and senior project theses - LD5778.8 Wilson 4 East Oversize
  • Huxley senior project reports - LD 5778.85 Wilson 4 East
  • Huxley internship reports - QH540.28 Wilson 4 West

For many of the Masters Theses, we have a circulating copy as well as an archived, non-circulating copy located in Special Collections. Here is the online version of the WWU Masters Thesis Collection.

Search Western Libraries OneSearch by Title, Author or Keyword

Search by TITLE or AUTHOR

To find these scholarly papers that have been published at Western Washington University, you can search Advanced Search in OneSearch in title or author/creator if known. Change the Search Scope to At WWU Only. If you do not have an author or title there are several other ways you can find WWU scholarly papers.

Search the "Any" field

  • Theses

In Advanced Search in OneSearch enter Western and thesis as your search terms. Change the Search Scope to AT WWU Only to browse a list of theses by WWU students.

  • Huxley papers

Students in Huxley College of the Environment have written hundreds of Internship Reports. Most are available for borrowing from Western Libraries. Search for them in Advanced Search in OneSearch by Title: internship report and change the Search Scope to WWU Only.

If you are interested in internship reports and environmental impact assessments, enter Huxley and keywords. By adding more keywords you can limit your search to the topic you are interested in, for example, Huxley AND salmon or Huxley AND Whatcom.

To find senior project papers, in an Advanced Search in OneSearch enter Huxley and senior project.

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