Aerial Photographs: Access and Use: Related Resources

Information about aerial images available at WWU's Center for Pacific Northwest Studies and elsewhere.

Table of Contents

  • Northwest Washington Aerial Photography Resources
  • Washington State Aerial Photography Resources
  • Aerial Photography Viewers
  • More Aerial Photography Links


This libguide was created originally by Evan Thornberry for Huxley Map Library, with subsequent additions by Rob Lopresti and CPNWS staff.

Northwest Washington Aerial Photo Resources

Washington State Aerial Photo Resources

Map and Aerial Photography Viewers

Heritage Resources


Western Libraries Heritage Resources provides for responsible stewardship of and access to unique and archival resources in support of teaching, learning and resarch at Western Washington University and beyond. The Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Special Collections, and University Archives and Records Management work together to document the culture and history of Western, the local community and Pacific Northwest region, and to promote public and scholarly access to holdings.