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Article Databases

The following databases hosted by Western Libraries should suffice in your research, but if not, we have plenty of others.  Look in the Subject or Alphabetical List area of the Library's homepage.

I recommend using the Advanced Search option whenever available.  It will allow you to retrieve the most relevant results.


General newspapers, state, regional, national, global

Specific newspapers

Journal/Magazine Articles

For searching popular magazines (as well as scholarly journals) Academic Search Complete is the best general database. Use the pull down menu to search for specific magazine titles.  You can also limit to feature articles.

For more specialized academic journal databases search databases by Subject.


Search the Library Catalog and Summit.  If you are doing a general search use the Keyword or Advanced Keyword options on the Library Homepage.


Locating Publications for Market

These resources can help you find publications where you can publish your work.  Most of these are located in the Reference Collection (located to the right of the Reference Desk -- if you need help finding them, ask!)

The Writers Market (Ref PN 161 W83)

Literary Market Place (Ref PN 161 L5)

International Literary Market Place (Ref PN 161 I5)

Ulrichs Online  (Very extensive database for all serial publications)

Editor & Publisher International Newspaper Data Book (Ref PN 4700 E4 - 2 volumes - Dailies and Weeklies)


Excellent books on feature writing:

  • William E. Blundell, The Art and Craft of Featuring Writing   This book by a Wall Street Journal writer offers clear descriptions and guidance on story forms, developing action, and adding depth.
  • Bruce Garrison Professional Feature Writing   A detailed book for people seriously persuing free-lancing, this follows up on many issues touched upon in introductory texts.
  • Natalie Goldberg Writing Down the Bones   Essays in this volume get creativity flowing again; it's full of good suggestions and exercises for anytime burn-out threatens.
  • Anne Lamott Bird by Bird   Many professional writers recommend this honest book about the rigors, demands, frustrations and break-throughs in becoming a writer.
  • Brenda Ueland If You Want to Write   A book from the 1930s recently reprinted, this classic is deeply inspiring and full of common sense.



Grammar and Rewriting

  • The Tongue Untied is the online site for the grammar text we use in Western's Journalism Department, "When Word's Collide."
  • The Poynter Institute's portal to numerous helpful hints.
  • The Owl is Purdue University's writing guide, a perennial favorite among students seeking clear explanations.
  • LearnEnglish is a site for English language learners, but many students who are native speakers of English like it as well because it explains all aspects of grammar.