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MGMT 481: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Finding Resources: Researching

Country and Business Culture

Citation Guides, Writing & Tech Help

Finding Country Reports

Country reports available in Business Source Complete. (Not all reports are available for all countries)

  • Country Profile: (Marketline) Includes overview of political, economics, technological, and legal landscape
  • Country Review: (CountryWatch) Each Country Review covers geographical, political, economic, corporate, and environmental information; includes a segment on investment climate.
  • Country Monitor: (IHS Global Insight) Country reports, including econmic risk, forcast and growth. 
  • Country Inteligence: (IHS Global Insight): Includes economic growth, consumer demands, monetary policy, external trade partners, and more. 
  • Business Monitor International publications: the "Monitor" publications: Asia Monitor, Latin America Monitor, Emerging Markets Monitor, etc.)
  • Background Notes: (US State Dept publications)
  • Some OECD: publications from Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 
  • Political Risk Yearbook

Where to Find Relates Articles and Resources

International Organizations and Google

Rhetorical Moves

Rhetorical moves are ways you can use sources in your writing. But before you begin to write, using the same "moves" can help you define your source and think about how it relates to your topic. 

Grounding: Situating a claim within a particular context 

  • Defining: Establishing a shared definition for a key concept 
  • Framing: Locating a claim within the context of prior scholarship 
  • Illustrating: Showing an example to explain a claim 
  • Authorizing: Lending the weight of authority to a claim 

Forwarding: Extending or re-purposing the ideas or expertise of others between contexts 

  • Borrowing: Applying a claim or methodology as a lens to help you work through your inquiry 
  • Extending: Transforming a claims or methodology to work through your inquiry 
  • Synthesizing: Combining two or more pieces of scholarship 

Countering: Presenting alternative perspectives or uncovering gaps in others' views 

  • Arguing another sideOffering a claim that others have not yet considered 
  • Uncovering values: Examining how biases or gaps in thinking may have influenced others' claims