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This guide will explore criticism of Hemingway's Nick Adams stories

Non-Library Resources

Nick Adams Wikipedia  entry offers very sketchy information, as well as information on a number of Nick Adams stories, but it is a good starting place.

Nick Adams and the "Idealized" Self  An essay

Google Scholar Always a useful database to check, a search for "Nick Adams" Hemingway War yielded over 1,000 results.  A good percentage of Google Scholar articles are online.

Library Resources

Reference Books

The Gale set of Literary Criticism (hard copy only) offers condensed and focussed criticism. These are located in the Reference Collection, which is on the west side (past Zoe's toward the water) of the 2nd floor of Wilson Library.  These are great resources to begin your research into the Nick Adams stories.  They all have back of the volume index, and authors are arranged alphabetically within the volumes.  There are three of these that are worth exploring:

Short Story Literary Criticism (SSC)  Reference PN3373 .S386    Particularly volumes 1, 63, 117, and 189

Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC)  Reference PN771 .C62   There are many volumes that critique Hemingway.  Check the back index of the most recent volume.

Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (TCLC)   Reference PN771 .T8


There are two other Reference books on Hemingway that might be useful:

Ernest hemingway: A Documentary Volume  Reference PN451 .D54 v.210

American Short Story Writers: 1910 - 1945   Reference (PN451 .D54 v.102 )



Our library has many books of criticism on Hemingway.  To find these simply search Hemingway in OneSearch with the WWU Only scope.  Once you locate these, check the back of the back of the book index for Nick Adams or story titles.  However there is one that focuses on Nick Adams:

Hemingway's Nick Adams  Wilson 5W - Books (PS3515.E37 Z594)

**My recommendation however would be to also search Onesearch for Nick Adams using the Books, Articles and More scope.  This will give you a wider selection of material specific to Nick Adams, and include books and articles you can borrow from other libraries or read online.



There is one primary database for Literature, MLA Bibliography.  A search for Nick Adams as Subject yields over 50 results.  Many of these are available full-text online.