RECR 450 and 480 Course Guide: Finding Sources

Electronic library resources for students taking RECR 450 and 480.

Drafting Sub-Questions

At this point, you should have an inquiry question drafted. From there, draft sub-questions to focus your research. Seek out sources to answer your sub-questions.

Mapping Sources to Sub Questions

Conceptual map of research paper draft. The inquiry question is at the center. Sub-questions branch from the central inquiry question. Colored circles, representing unique sources, branch from sub-questions.

The mind-map above represents a research paper during the finding sources stage.

  • Each source is represented by a different colored circle.
  • As you research, seek out sources that address your sub-questions.
  • By mapping sources to you sub-questions, you can see where you need to do more research - see the lonely blue circle!
  • A mind-map like this can also act as an outline for your paper.


From Questions to Claims

Conceptual map of a research paper draft after finding sources. The thesis is now at the center of the diagram. Sub-claims branch from the central thesis. Colored circles, representing unique sources, branch from claims.

As you compile sources that address your sub-questions, these sub-questions morph into claims based what you learn. These claims will inform your thesis statement which will eventually replace your inquiry question.

Recreation Databases

Below are links to research databases where you can find scholarly articles and other sources in the field of recreation.

  • Oftentimes you can access the full-text of an article directly through the database, but sometimes databases may only provide access to the citation information (author, article title, publication, year, etc.).
  • When full-text articles aren't provided, click the blue "Find it!" button. This will search the entire library catalog to see if we have access through a different database or journal subscription.
  • Still no luck? Request the article through Interlibrary Loan! Requests for electronic articles are often filled within 48 hrs, if not sooner, and the service is free. For more information on Interlibrary Loan at Western Libraries visit this page.


Statistics, Reports, and other Websites

Government Sites