RECR 450 and 480 Course Guide: Peer Reviewed Journals

Electronic library resources for students taking RECR 450 and 480.

Peer-Reviewed Journals

What is Peer Review?

Determining if a Source is Peer Reviewed

  • Check UlrichsWeb. UlrichsWeb is a database that contains information about all kinds of periodicals.
    • Enter the title of the journal or ISSN in the search bar.
    • In the results list, look for the referee jersey next to journal title. This means the journal is peer-reviewed.

UlrichsWeb results page indicating a journal is peer-reviewed.


  •  Ask a Librarian! While many databases may indicate whether an article has been peer-reviewed, this information is not always presented consistently. Asking a librarian is sure fire way to verify whether an article has been peer-reviewed.