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Botanical Illustration Resources: Periodicals

A Selected Bibliography created for the 1999 Northwest Botanical Illustration Symposium (updated frequently) Compiled by Julene Sodt, of the Western Libraries, Western Washington University, Bellingham WA



The Botanical Artist. Wading River, N.Y.: American Society of Botanical Artists, 1996- .
        This newsletter provides information about botanical art courses, exhibits, and galleries that specialize in botanical art. It regularly features personal essays, interviews, book reviews, and profiles of institutions that support botanical art.

Curtis’s Botanical Magazine. Sir William Jackson Hooker. London: Reeve Brothers, 1883- .
        Founded in 1787, this magazine is the longest continuously published magazine in history. Each issue contained numerous plates which were engraved until 1845 and after this date lithographed.

The New Plantsman. London: Royal Horticultural Society, March 1994- .
        This quarterly surveys all aspects of cultivated plants, including taxonomy, physiology, conservation, and history. Includes specially commissioned botanical paintings and drawings.