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Botanical Illustration Resources: Past and Modern Masters

A Selected Bibliography created for the 1999 Northwest Botanical Illustration Symposium (updated frequently) Compiled by Julene Sodt, of the Western Libraries, Western Washington University, Bellingham WA

Past and Present Traditional Masters

Emboden, William E. Leonardo Da Vinci on Plants and Gardens. Portland, OR: Dioscorides Press, 1987.
        Included are four double-page color plates and one hundred black and white illustrations. 234 pages.

Koreny, Fritz. Albrecht Durer and the Animal and Plant Studies of the Renaissance. Boston: Little, Brown, 1988.
        Durer's masterful illustrations marked the beginning of scientific observation of nature in Western culture. This is the first thorough examination of Durer's nature studies as well as many of his contemporaries. 278 pages.

Livingstone, Marco. Jim Dine: Flowers and Plants. New York: Abrams, 1994.
        Most of the botanical drawings and paintings included here were not previously published. 220 illustrations, 93 in color. 143 pages.

O’Keefe, Georgia, and Nicholas Callaway. Georgia O’Keefe: One Hundred Flowers. New York: Knopf, 1987. (ND237.O5 A4 1987)
        A collection of 100 of O’Keeffe’s most famous flower paintings photographed from both private collections and museums. 158 pages.