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HRAF (Human Relations Area File): Helpful Tables

Information and detailed instructions for using the HRAF collection.

Geographic Culture Classifications Used by HRAF

A = Asia N = North America
E = Europe O = Oceania
F = Africa R = Russia (including cultures formerly part of the Soviet Union)
M = Middle East (including Muslim societies in Africa) S = South America

Author Training Key Used by HRAF

A.  Archaeologist, Antiquarian

N.  Natural Scientist

B.  Folklorist

O.  Lawyer

C.  Technical Personnel

P.  Psychologist

D.  Physician, Physical Anthropologist

Q.  Humanist, Writer, Editor

E.  Ethnologist

R.  Artisan

F.  Foreign Resident

S.  Social Scientist, other than those designated here

G.  Government Official

T.  Traveler

H.  Historian

U.  Unknown

I.  Indigene

V.  Political Scientist

J.  Journalist

W.  Organizational Document

K.  Geographer

X.  Economist, Manager

L.  Linguist

Y.  Educator

M.  Missionary, Clergy

Z.  Sociologist

Source Evaluation Codes Used by HRAF

1 = Poor source

2 = Fair source

3 = Good, useful source, but not uniformly high quality

4 = Excellent secondary data such as compilations or interpretations based on primary research

5 = Excellent primary data such as traveler's accounts, ethnographies, legal documents, autobiographies, etc.