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Resources for HB 1079 Students : Strategies for Faculty

This guide contains a short overview of HB 1079 resources available at WWU Libraries, on the campus, and within the region.

Faculty & Administrators: Strategies for Engagement

Instructional Support Strategies for Working with Undocumented Students:

  • For faculty: Add a statement in your syllabus that identifies your classroom as a respectful and safe place for all backgrounds, ethnicities, immigration status, etc. This seemingly simple strategy can raise awareness about the issue and/or be a Teachable Moment.
  • Undocumented students who are undergoing a legal proceeding face unique challenges. If you’re comfortable with this strategy, consider writing letters of support for students in the process of deportation or in legal proceedings – it helps a great deal for courts to see that the student is an engaged member of the community.
  • If one of your students doesn’t appear in class for several weeks, consider reaching out the student. If the student is in distress due to immigration-related issues, a sympathetic ear and/or a compassionate referral can mean a great deal.
  • The University offers conversational language workshops, which can be an excellent way to be more inclusive to non-native English speakers or multilingual students. Currently, the University is only offering Spanish; private arrangements will be necessary to learn other languages.

Professional Development: