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Western Libraries

COMM235: Exposition & Argumentation - Library Resources and Research: Western Libraries


Western Libraries can serve your information and research needs!  This guide has been personalized for the Comm 235 course.  In some cases, you may have trouble finding what you need.  When that happens don't hesitate to contact me!  My contact information is located on the right side of the page.

Reference and Book Resources

Library resources can help you:

  • Develop your resolution
  • Understand specialized vocabulary
  • Provide information on organizations related to your resolution
  • Provide background on scholarship related to your resolution

Contemporary World Issues Series

This series covers a variety of current issues and includes resources, timelines and legislation. Search the library catalog using a KEYWORD search to identify and locate individual titles.
Example: "contemporary world issues" (phrase in quotes) AND your topic (no quotes necessary).

Note: Some of the books in this series are in the reference area, non-circulating, and some are available for check-out.

Opposing Viewpoints Series

This circulating series is similar to Contemporary World Issues. Each book tackles both sides of a specific issue. Search the library catalog (Keyword Search) to identify and locate individual titles.
Example: "opposing viewpoints" (in quotes!) AND your topic (no need for quotation marks).

Two particularly helpful book sets in the Reference Area (non-circulating):

Recommended Databases: Find Articles, Book Chapters, Reports and More!