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Use this guide to locate resources for programs and majors in Woodring College of Education.

K-12 Study Canada - A Great Resource!

ThePacific Northwest National Resource Center on Canada is pleased to provide K-12 teachers and students with a wealth of resources for learning about Canada.

Locating WEST-E / Praxis Study Guides

ETS (Education Testing Service) no longer publishes print copies of the study guides. Nor do they sell the online version to higher education institutions. We do have some older editions in various subjects (most recent is 2016). Students are now expected to purchase the online study guide:   

To view the holding we do own, use OneSearch, and combine the publisher, PRAXIS (Pre-professional skills test) with the subject.

For example:
An advanced search for "praxis study guide" and "mathematics" will give you a list of results that include the circulating study guide.

Unfortunately, the Washington Educator Skills Tests (WEST) are no longer available in print. Therefore, libraries can no longer purchase practice copies.  Again, use the Advanced Search option in OneSearch to locate the Washington Educator Skills Test (WEST) Study Guides. Add "E" if searching for elementary prep books -  WEST-E (The "E" stands for Elementary.)

What's New?

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Waiting for Superman

( Retreived 7/16/11)

Topical Resources

Keeping current in your field is essential. Take time to bookmark your personal "Top 5" information resources (Blogs, Academic Sites, Listservs, Etc.) and check them regularly for updates.  

National Council of teachers of ... English(NCTE) ; Mathematics(NTCM)  ; Social Studies(NTSS) ; Science(NSTA)