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Use this guide to locate resources for programs and majors in Woodring College of Education.

Western Washington University


Resource center for students, staff, faculty, and community members.

Resources include books, curricula, articles, SPED materials, videos, and more.

Hosts events, discussions, films and education issues, as well as the April Forum on Educational Law and Social Justice.

Teaching and Learning Co-op

Teaching & Learning Co‑op

This site, designed for and by the WWU Community, includes strategies, tools, and practices for innovative teaching and learning. 

Research and articles about artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots such as Chat GPT have exploded onto the higher education scene, along with much concern and fascination. ATUS instructional designers developed the following considerations based upon an evaluation of and collective review of recent publications.

Building a Wiki Page in CanvasGetting bored with Discussion boards? Consider having students post to a wiki! A wiki is a website that can be edited by multiple users. Rather than discussion boards, where students reply directly to each other and conversations happen in small groups or threads, a wiki page shows all of the posts and comments on one main page.

Take Note!

The Eduvation Network - Great Teachers shape future leaders

(Image: The Education Network, 2024)

National Center for Teacher Residencies - The National Center for Teacher Residencies (NCTR) is the only organization in the country dedicated to developing, launching, supporting, and accelerating the impact of teacher residency programs.

We Need Diverse Books - Resources for Race, Equity, Anti-Racism, and Inclusion

K-12 Study Canada - A Great Resource!

ThePacific Northwest National Resource Center on Canada is pleased to provide K-12 teachers and students with a wealth of resources for learning about Canada.