OneSearch: How do I report problems?

Learn how to use the Western Libraries' catalog.

Reporting Problems

When reporting issues to the OneSearch Management Team, the following details may enhance our discovery, and resolution, of issues. 

  • Location: Are on- or off-campus?
  • Browser / OS: Which Web browser are you using? Which operating system are you using (Windows, Android, etc.)?
  • Mobile or Desktop: Are you using a mobile device?
  • Authentication: Are you signed into OneSearch?
  • URL: Include the full URL from your Web browser in the e-mail.
  • Screenshots / Videos: Take screenshots or a short video of the problem, and include it in the e-mail.
  • Permalinks: If a specific search in OneSearch is causing trouble, use the permalink feature to generate a permanent link to the search, and include that permalink in your trouble ticket or e-mail. We can use the permalink to replicate and diagnose the problem.

Please direct e-mails to

Discovery Services Librarian

Rebecca Marrall's picture
Rebecca Marrall
Technology & Discovery Services Division
(360) 650-4493