WWU Physical and Built Environment: Historical Primary Resources: South Campus Fields

Records and resources documenting the history of property, structures, and places owned or managed by Western Washington University.

Introduction: South Campus Fields

These resources provide documentation about the history and development of WWU's south campus fields.  Considered largely, the entire south campus area includes all of the campus property extending southward from Carver Gym.  Significant construction projects in this area include Arntzen Hall, the Environmental Studies building, Parks Hall, the Science Facilities (Biology, Chemistry, SMATE), the Wade King Student Recreation Center, the Communications Facility, and the Academic Instructional Center. One could even include Fairhaven College and Buchanan Towers as part of the area. Each of those facilities will have its own set of resources.  This section relates to the various open spaces of south campus that have mostly existed as fields either for recreation or as part of the campus landscape.  Included are records related to the development of fields for recreation or infrastructure enhancement, roads, planning, and property acquisition.