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Research and Writing in Manufacturing Engineering

Research & Writing Process

  1. Know the process and make a plan for it.
  2. Set up your research management strategy with Zotero.
  3. Use the strategy: Problem statements / Lines of Inquiry = Δ Problem.
  4. Search for stuff in 4 Places.
  5. Get access to stuff.
  6. Review deliverables.
  7. Collect your research citations.
  8. Write your literature review or presentation.

Step 1: Know and Plan the Process

Download a copy of the MFGE Assignment Calculator to know the process ahead and plan for it.

screenshot of Google sheet

Step 2: Get Zotero for Research Management

  1. Download the Zotero client for your personal computer.
  2. Download a browser extension for Zotero.
  3. Create a Zotero account with a personal email.
  4. Sync your Zotero account with your Zotero client so it remembers your stuff if your computer crashes.
  5. Find the citation format you need for your deliverable and install it.

Get Started with Zotero