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Research and Writing in Plastics & Composites Engineering: Get Started

Research & Writing Process

  1. Know the process and make a plan for it.
  2. Use the strategy: Problem statements / Lines of Inquiry = Δ Problem.
  3. Search for stuff in 4 Places.
  4. Get access to stuff.
  5. Review and analyze your assignment compared to your current stuff.
  6. Collect your research citations.
  7. Write your literature review or presentation.

Step 1: Know and Plan the Process

Use the Assignment Calculator to hold space for the iterative process of research and writing. Log in to Google to get your own copy.

screenshot of Assignment Calculator

Step 2: Question Your Problem

Problem statements / Lines of Inquiry = Δ Problem.

Use the guiding principles in the 5-minute video where to make your Lines of Inquiry:

→ Multidimensional and complex

→ Narrow in focus

→ Specific in language

Then, use your questions and their potential as additional words and phrases when you search.