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Research and Writing in Plastics & Composites Engineering: Review

Step 5: Review deliverables

  1. Read the expectations or assignment again.
  2. Map Step #3 (Search) to Step #2 (Problem/ Inquiry). Map any gaps to deliverables and repeat #2 and #3.
  3. Outline a frame for the deliverables that includes: a) Problem/ Line of Inquiry, b) Sources, and c) Remaining gaps.

Analyze the Assignment

Are you getting everything that you should be in your research? Analyze the assignment using the 5-minute strategy video to check for gaps and plan your next steps for getting the research you need.

Connect Your Sources and Look for Gaps

Map Step #3 (Search) to Step #2 (Problem/ Inquiry) using the connection strategies in the video. Map any gaps to deliverables and repeat #2 and #3.

Develop a Frame for Further Searching

Consider reverse outlining your work or using the Sticky Note strategy detailed in the video to further identify where exactly in your paper you need to pull together your ideas and pursue further research.