JOUR 404 -- Feature Writing Online: Books of Interest

In-depth article, column and persuasive writing; development of ideas, gathering of materials and writing; special attention to individual interests; exploration of freelance writing markets.

Books of Interest

Excellent books on feature writing:

  • William E. Blundell, The Art and Craft of Featuring Writing  This book by a Wall Street Journal writer offers clear descriptions and guidance on story forms, developing action, and adding depth.
  • Bruce Garrison Professional Feature Writing   A detailed book for people seriously persuing free-lancing, this follows up on many issues touched upon in introductory texts.
  • Natalie Goldberg Writing Down the Bones   Essays in this volume get creativity flowing again; it's full of good suggestions and exercises for anytime burn-out threatens.
  • Anne Lamott Bird by Bird   Many professional writers recommend this honest book about the rigors, demands, frustrations and break-throughs in becoming a writer.
  • Brenda Ueland If You Want to Write   A book from the 1930s recently reprinted, this classic is deeply inspiring and full of common sense.