JOUR 404 -- Feature Writing Online: Cinematic Journalism

In-depth article, column and persuasive writing; development of ideas, gathering of materials and writing; special attention to individual interests; exploration of freelance writing markets.

Cinematic Journalism

Feature writing stresses cinematic techniques, and some of the most successful works have become great movies:

  • Into the Wild, (book) Into the Wild (movie) is Jon Krakauer's story of a young man's tragic effort to live in the Alaskan Wilderness.
  • All the President's Men (book) All the President's Men (movie) deals with uncovering the Watergate scandal that forced the resignation of President Richard Nixon.
  • The Insider (movie) is about the repercussions of a Sixty Minutes investigation into Big Tobacco, when the main source, a research chemist, faces threats and intimidation.
  • In Cold Blood (book) In Cold Blood (movie), by Truman Capote, and the movie Capote about his life. 
  • Citizen Kane (movie) is a complex examination of a fictional newspapers tycoon's life, based on William Randolph Hearst.