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Short introduction to library and web resources relating to cryptozoology.

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Neanderthals Links

  • BBC Science & Nature: Neanderthal - Provides information on this hominid that lived about 300,000-28,000 years ago, its description, distribution, behavior and history.
  • Cooking Clan of the Cave Bear Style - Comparison of hot rock and leather pot over fire cooking methods.
  • Images of Neandertals - A discussion of how Neanderthals have been depicted in the last century, with examples and links to other sites of interest.
  • In Search of Neanderthals - An overview of issues surrounding the study of neanderthals, with links to scholarly essays and fiction covering the DNA debate, morphology, evolution, and sociology of neanderthals.
  • Neandertal DNA - A report of a study comparing Neandertal and modern human DNA.
  • Neanderthal - Illustration and information on Homo neanderthalensis, named after the Neander Valley in Germany where their fossils were first found.
  • Neanderthals - Information on this species which is thought to represent a dead end in human evolution, not a stage on the way to Homo sapiens.
  • The Neanderthal Museum - German museum dedicated to Neanderthal humans. Includes online exhibits, research information, and links to other hominid resources. Site is in both English and German.
  • The Mongolian Almas -Are these cryptids living Neanderthals?
  • The UnMuseum – The Alma - In central Asia, in what, until a few years ago was the Soviet Union, there are stories of a large, ape-like creature that inhabits the mountains. It goes by the name of the Alma.
  • The Cryptid Zoo: Almas - Described as looking like humans, but with fur covering most of the body, the almas (or almasti) is a variety of wildman or Bigfoot that is reported from the Altai Mountains in Mongolia and the Tien Shan Mountains in China.