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Guide focusing on archival resources available through Western Libraries Archives & Special Collections.


This is an introductory guide to useful resources and archival collections about the history of local and regional industries as available through Western Libraries Archives & Special Collections. If you have any questions and/or need assistance finding information, please contact Archives & Special Collections staff and/or the Western Libraries Research Desk.

Original content for this guide was created by Emma Darmody in Spring 2012 (subsequent additions by Archives & Special Collections staff).




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Western Libraries Catalog

Western Libraries online catalog contains information about a wide variety of published and archival sources. If you have any questions and/or need assistance finding information, please contact Archives & Special Collections staff and/or the Western Libraries Research Consultation Desk. Useful search terms may include:

  • Gold Mines and Mining Washington State

    Series II: Video Oral History Interviews, 2003-2004

    Box 2 continued

    2/5 Name:  Asmundson, Tut
    Interviewer:  Suzanne Blais
    Date:  June 10, 2004
    Description:  Tut was born in Mitchell, North Dakota and came from an Icelandic family.  He attended law school at the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks.  He relates stories from his early years in North Dakota during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression before and after the rest of his family had moved to the state of Washington.  He joined his family in Washington in 1931 arriving first in Blaine and then eventually settling in Bellingham.  He discusses his position he held at the Washington State Social Security Department for 8 years traveling throughout the state handling claims.  After failing the Washington state bar exam numerous times, he passed.  His focus is on the Port Commission, which he served for numerous years.  He discusses various aspects of the shipping industry including interactions with Georgia Pacific, Bellingham Cold Storage, the Bellingham Airport, and Intalco.  He expresses the changes that he and his fellow commissioners enacted to existing local industry and the promotion of Bellingham helping to foster the interest of outside industries.  Tut also relates how he got his nickname, how he met his wife Esther, population changes, prostitution, and race relations.
    Tape Length: unknown   # of Tapes in Original Digital Video Master:  3   # of VHS Duplicates: 1
    Transcribed:  no

    Restrictions: Interview is open to the public.
    Tape Quality-Digital Video Master:  Good   Tape Quality- VHS Duplicate: GoodLogging Washington State

  • Lumber
  • Mills and Mill Work

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Some useful holdings are suggested in the list below - see also the industry-specific suggestions on the relevant pages of this guide. Contact CPNWS if you have any questions.

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