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Guide focusing on archival resources available through Western Libraries Heritage Resources programs.

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This guide provides an introduction to resources about the history of fish, fishing and fisheries in the Pacific Northwest region, focusing on the rich resources available through the Heritage Resources programs at Western Libraries. Both the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies and Western Libraries Special Collections house substantial resources about these topics, including information about Native American fishing practices and treaty rights, commercial fisheries, fly fishing, and some of the conflicts and controversies surrounding access to fish as a resource.

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From the Library Catalog

Try searching the Libraries Catalog, Summit Catalog or WorldCat for both published and archival sources. Ask an archivist or librarian if you need assistance. Useful search terms may include:

  • Fishery law and legislation
  • Fisheries
  • Fly fishing
  • Fly tying
  • Fly tyers
  • Salmon fishing
  • Salmon fisheries
  • Salmon canning industry
  • Indians of North America -- Northwest, Pacific -- Fishing law and legislation
  • Lummi Indians -- Fishing


Depending on your topic, some useful secondary sources may include:

Heritage Resources

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Heritage Resources
Special Collections, 6th Floor Wilson Library, 360-650-3193

University Archives and Records Management, Goltz-Murray Building, 360-650-3124

Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Goltz-Murray Building, 360-650-7534

Heritage Resources


Western Libraries Heritage Resources provides for responsible stewardship of and access to unique and archival resources in support of teaching, learning and resarch at Western Washington University and beyond. The Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Special Collections, and University Archives and Records Management work together to document the culture and history of Western, the local community and Pacific Northwest region, and to promote public and scholarly access to holdings.


          More Campus Connections

          Credit courses about fisheries management and fly fishing are taught through WWU's College of Environmental Sciences. Check out the WWU Course Catalog for more information.