MKTG 381: Group Assignment #1: Using Secondary Data: Question 4

Question 4

Competitive analysis will include the competitors of your company, their sales and profits. List the top five competitors in the industry (U.S. and/or international competitors), along with the most recent year's revenue and net income for each firm. Rank them in some meaningful way (e.g., sales, number of employees, or profits). Provide current market share data for the top three brands or companies. Include your company data as well for comparison purposes (see #1 above).

Please Use Table Format When Reporting Data.

Major Firms in Industry and Current Financial Information

Market Share

Market share is one of the more difficult things to find. Sometimes it as easy as finding it listed in a book or an article that lays it all out—but no source covers every brand or company. Market share may take some guestimating and assumptions on your part. If you run into problems, ask.