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MKTG 381: Group Assignment #1: Using Secondary Data: Assignment Overview

Assignment Introduction

An industry analysis is a common exploratory research approach to learn background information, define terms common in the industry, clarify problems presented by client and hypotheses, and understand research priorities. This exercise is designed to help you learn how to execute an industry analysis using secondary data as an exploratory research approach. It is not the only exploratory research approach, but it is common and useful.

This assignment is designed to integrate with the Market Analysis phase of the Behavioral Analysis of a Competitive Market Project in Consumer Behavior (MKTG 382). The industry being analyzed in this assignment will be the same as the industry that the MKTG 382 client is involved in. The sources and data you find and gather for this assignment can and should be used in the Behavioral Analysis project in MKTG 382 wherever it is applicable.

Assignment Overview
Research Type: Exploratory Research Research Method: Secondary Research
Research Topic: Industry Analysis Research Subject: Assigned Industry, e.g., Mountain Bikes