MKTG 381: Group Assignment #1: Using Secondary Data: Question 6

Question 6

Using Census Data, select two locations you think might be strong markets for your products. Compare the market profile you created in Question 5 to the data from American Factfinder and indicate whether your selected location would or would not be a strong market for your brand. 

When answering this question:

  • Use at least 5 different demographics
  • Highlight the key similarities and differences
  • Data used from American Factfinder should be included in the Appendix

Note: The Census will provide demographic overview but doesn't cover media use. 


How to use Census data

Census Data

How to select a city/place in the American FactFinder (Bellingham is the example):

  • Go to Census Data
  • Type in Bellingham city, Washington ("city" designates everything inside the Bellingham city limits)
  • You will get a list of categories. Under People and Population, click on the table number (see image below) to see more details. Watch the video below on how to use University Reporter and Census Data to answer Question 6.


  • Census Data for Bellingham

Using University Reporter & American Factfinder Together

**Please watch the videos on how to use University Reporter in Question 5 before you watch this video. 

This is a short demo on how to use University Reporter and American Factfinder together to complete Question 6.