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Government Information: Fifty Years of GovDocs


Warren Commission Report


Subversive Activities


To Form A More Perfect Union


A Nation At Risk



Fifty Years

Here is a list of one federal publication for every year that Western has been a federal depository. 

1963    Civil Rights Commission    Civil Rights U.S.A. Public Schools Southern States: Texas    CR 1.2: Sch 6/8
1964    Warren Commission    Warren Commission Report    PR36.8:K38/H35/v.1
1965    White House Conference on Natural Beauty    Beauty For America    Y3.W58/12:2B38
1966    Senate Committee on the Interior    North Cascades, Olympic National Park    Y4.In8/13:N81c
1967    Senate Committee on Foreign Relations    Submission of the Vietnam Conflict to the United Nations    Y4.F76/2:V67/11
1968    House Comm on UnAmerican Activities    Subversive involvement in disruption of 1968 Democratic Party National Convention    Y4.UN1/2:D39/pt.2
1969    NASA    Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. walks on the Moon    NAS 1.43/2:4 (6)
1970    Commission on Obscenity and Pornography    Report on the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography    Y3.OB7:1/970
1971    Mint    How to make a Penny at the Philadelphia Mint    T 28.2:P38.971
1972    Commission on Marihuana and Drug Use    Marihuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding    Y3.M33/2:2m33
1973    Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities.    Watergate and Related Activities: Hearings    Y4.P92/4:P92/phase 1/ bk. 1
1974    Council on Environmental Quality    The Costs of Sprawl    PREX14.2:SP7/2
1975    Environmental Protection Agency    DDT: A Review of Scientific and Economic Aspects    EP 1.2:D54
1976    Natl Comm on the Observance of IWY    "To form a more perfect union…"  Justice for American women.    Y3.W84:1/976
1977    National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect    Child abuse and neglect: issues on innovation and implementation    He23.1210:In6 v.1
1978    Health, Education and Welfare Dept    The swine flu affair: Decision-making on a slippery disease    HE1.2:Sw6
1979    House Committee on Interior    Accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear powerplant    Y4.In8/14:96-8/pt.2
1980    Civil Rights Commission    American Indian civil rights handbook    CR1.10:35/2
1981    Forest Service    Mount St. Helens land management plan    A13.92/2:M86s/draft
1982    Veteran's Administration    Agent Orange: information for veterans who served in Vietnam    VA1.2:AG3/2
1983    Education Department    A Nation at risk: The imperative for national education reform    ED1.2:N21
1984    Fish and Wildlife Service    Acid rain: effects on fish and wildlife    I49.13/5:1
1985    Congress, Office of Technology Assessment    Superfund strategy     Y3.T22/2:2Su7
1986    State Department    Human rights in Nicaragua under the Sandinistas    S1.2LH88/7
1987    Center for Disease Control    What you should know about AIDS    HE20.7002:Ac1
1988    General Accounting Office    South Africa: Summary report on trade, lending, investment & strategic minerals    GA1.13:NSIA-88-228
1989    Congress, Office of Technology Assessment    Oil production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge    Y3.T22/2:2Oi5/9
1990    NASA    SETI: search for extraterrestrial intelligence    NAS1.83:114/990
1991    Committee to Coordinate Environmental Health        HE20.2:F76X
1992    Trade Representative Office  
 North American Free Trade Agreement    PREX1.2:T67/v.1
1993    White House Domestic Policy Council    Health security: the President’s report to the American People    PREX1.2:H34/4
1994    Air University Press    From the line in the sand : Desert Shield/Desert Storm    D301.26/6:Sa5
1995    Congress, Office of Technology Assessment    Risks to students in school    Y3.T22/2:2ST9/2
1996    National Institute of Justice    Correctional Boot Camps    J 28.24/3:C81
1997    Air Force    The Roswell report: case closed    D301.2:R73
1998    State Department    Washington Conference on Holocaust-era Assets    S1.2:H74
1999    House Committee on Transportation    The Bellingham, Washington, Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Incident.    Y4.T68/2: 106-53
2000    Education Department    Father's Involvement in Children's Learnng (CD)    ED 1.83:F26/CD
2001    National Park Service    Olympic National Park (map)    G 4282.O37 2001.U5
2002    State Department    U.S. climate action report    S1.2:C61/2/2002
2003    Geological Survey    Effects of West Nile Virus    I 19.127: 2004-3002
2004    National Commission on Terrorist Attacks    The 9/11 Commission Report    Y3.2:T27/2/FINAL
2005    Homeland Security Dept.    Hurricane Katrina Response    HS4.202:K15
2006    Agriculture Dept.    Biosecurity for Birds Coloring Book    A 1.68:1886
2007    Census Bureau    Census Atlas of the United States    C3.205/8-3:29
2008    National Endowment for the Humanities    Picturing America  NF 3.2:Am3/8
2009    NASA    The Moon (Jigsaw Puzzle)    NAS 1.83:NP-2009-6-089-GSFC
2010    Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission    The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report    Y3.2: F49/2:C86
2011    Nat'l Comm on the BP Deepwater Horizon    Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling    PR 44.8:D36/G95
2012    Bureau of Land Management    The Story of America's Wild Horses and Buffalos (DVD)    I 53.58:H78 DVD
2013    Forest Service    Dr. Seuss; The Lorax: Curriculum Guide    A 13.36/2:L88

1994 and 1997

From the Line in the SandRoswell


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